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SST Optical Liquid Level and Temperature Sensors

SST Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensors

SST are continuously expanding their sensor product portfolio, and the latest member of the Fluid Sensing and Control family is our Temperature Sensors. We have a wide range of NTC sensors with various connectors, thread sizes and NTC characteristics.

SST Optical Liqiud Level Sensor

Optical Liquid Level Sensors

SST have significantly expanded our range of Optical Liquid Level sensors to address issues such as limited power switching and unreliability. We can offer fluid level sensors which are robust and reliable (ideal for industrial applications), cost effective and have an extensive range of electronic supply and power output variations paired with in house technical support.

SST Pressure Sensor

Funktionsweise des Optical Liquid Level Sensors

Sie benötigen weitere Informationen zur Funktionsweise des Optical Liquid Sensors oder die Einbauspezifikationen?

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